Virtual CFO, business planning and strategic advice

We offer a Chief Financial Officer service via a contractual arrangement, which can be full time, part-time or on an online basis. We can work independently or alongside an existing...

Independent director, nominee director and resident director services

We can assume and provide Independent Directors services. We can also execute an appropriate confidentiality deeds to assist Directors with of the analysis of Board papers. Under the...

Company secretary, ASX listing and corporate governance

We act as the Company Secretary of an ASX-listed company and also advise Not for Profit organisations toward meeting their compliance requirements. We have experience in complian...

Funding and debt structuring

We have a vast amount of experience in the financing of transactions. Whether it is a new business or financing related to your existing business, we can help you to raise debt finance...

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Why choose Proactive CFOs and Business Advisors

  • We offer innovative and cost effective financing solutions in both debt and equity to your business and the transactions.
  • We provide affordable and flexible Chief Financial Officer and Company Secretary services on a contract or a part-time basis for both listed and unlisted organisations. We can assist you to comply with all the ASX listing rules and the regulatory compliance.
  • We provide Independent Director’s and Resident Director’s services to your business and help you set-up your operations.
  • With our strong networks both in Australia and overseas, we can introduce you with a range of business opportunities including joint ventures and asset classes including real estate.
  • We can help your business with mergers, acquisitions and divestment decisions. We have the expertise in helping to set up the Funds Management business in Australia.

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Company Secretary

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