How to raise capital for your business?

Whether your business is a start-up business or the business in expansion mode, raising adequate capital for your business is highly important to make your business successful. A well-structured and executed capital raising process could add tremendous amount of value to the business.

Capital could be raised either through debt or equity instruments or combination of the two.

There are a number of considerations while raising capital including:

– Business plans
– Management plans
– The existing capital structure or optimisation of capital structure
– Proposed usage of the funds
– Cash flow position of the business
– Stage of the business
– Debt position
– Hedging
– Tax considerations
– Corporate Governance

The presentation of the overall management plans could play a critical role in capital raising process.

We have a number of years of experience in aspects of raising capital either through debt or equity. We can work with you to understand your business needs and find an optimal solution to create highest amount of value for your business.

We have successfully worked with a number of industries including property, technology, financial services, film production, manufacturing and range of other industry segments.

We aim to make capital raising process as smooth as possible for you.

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Aug 27 2014