Role of CFO to Obtain Funding

There are different types of business activities that need to be performed by the business owners. They have to quantify the performance of the business through the financial statements. When you are going to use these statements related to the funds, they describe the sources and utilizations of the resources of your company. In order to centralize the administration of these resources, business owners prefer to hire a chief financial officer or CFO. The role of the CFO is divided into three major sections to understand the job for any kind of business. Take a look at below mentioned important facts about the role of a CFO to get funding:

Treasury responsibilities

A CFO can be held responsible for the present financial condition of a particular company. He or she needs to determine on how to invest the money of the company to get huge revenue and profit in different manners. It takes the liquidity and risk into consideration. The CFO needs to decide on the best combination of equity, dent and internal financing. Additionally, he or she manages the company’s capital structure and is also responsible for solving problems related to it.

Controllership responsibilities

These are the duties that can make up the diffident looking section on the role of a chief financial officer. With these types of duties, a CFO needs to understand that he has to present and report the relevant and timely information related to the funds of a particular company, for which he or she has hired. There are different stakeholders of the company, including creditors, shareholders, analysts and other management members. All of them are dependent on the timeliness and accuracy of the information provided by the CFO. He or she needs to decide that whether he or she is going to provide with the accurate financial information as it places impact on the financial aspect of the company. With the use of this financial information, a lot of decisions will be taken, leading towards the success of a company.

Economic approach and forecasting

As mentioned above, the CFO is responsible for the present or previous financial condition of the company, with which he or she is associated. But not only this, the CFO is an integral component that affects the future of the financial situation of the company. He or she must be capable of detecting and reporting the regions of the company that are not so much efficient and reliable. The CFO needs to give his or her suggestions to the company’s management members on how to increase the capital of the company. A CFO must be capable of projecting the long term image of the company’s financial statement.

Some duties, such as budgeting, benchmarking, financial analysis and forecasting, executive reporting and management, needs to be performed by the CFO. There are lots of business advisory companies available in different parts of the world, offering services by assigning a professional CFO to the particular company, which are in a need of evaluating the financial information to get more funds to raise capital.

Jan 7 2015