We have vast experience in raising capital, including bank debt, capital markets debt, private equity, and listed equity. There are also various business grants available at different levels of government or trade bodies. Fund raising is a complex process which needs to be undertaken carefully with a view to mitigating director liability, minimising breach-of-contract risks inherent in debt raising, and optimising capital structure.

Our people have advised a number of clients over the years in this area.

We can:

  • Help you to establish your capital raising goals and manage the capital raising process on your behalf;
  • Help you with Corporate Laws and ASX listing requirements;
  • Provide financial due diligence, financial reporting, and forecasting services;
  • Liaise and coordinate with lead managers, legal advisors, auditors, and external consultants;
  • Assist you in negotiations with prospective capital providers including bankers, private equity providers, and equity or debt underwriters;
  • Help you with treasury, derivatives usage, hedge accounting, liquidity management, and cash management; and
  • Source and help you with various available industry and trade grants.