As an investor you may invest in different things and this when you need to be sure of efficient funds management. However, when it comes to managing funds, the process is not easy. It requires experience, knowledge, and expertise. Professional help and guidance at that time can help you relish positive results.

Our team has extensive experience and track record in investment management, investment banking, real estate transactions, mezzanine finance and project management.

We assist you in your funds management venture right from the beginning. With a highly skilled, experienced, and qualified team on board, we guide you through the process. We sit with you to understand your needs, work out effective strategies for funds management, and deliver personalised investment guidance.

With our depth of experience in executing transactions and advising on the management plans.

We can:

  • Work with you on different options with regards to setting up the business and operationalizing the plans;
  • Assist you with the cost benefit analysis and the return on investment;
  • Assist you to comply with different legislative and compliance requirements;
  • Setting up the optimal investment strategy for your business in accordance with the investor appetite and the market conditions;
  • Prepare Information Memoranda;
  • Prepare investor presentations;
  • Help you to set up the operations including hiring or introducing the suitable parties for your requirements;
  • Coordinate the financial and operational due diligence and financial modelling;
  • Manage Investor Relations; and
  • Liaise and coordinate with the Government departments, legal advisors, auditors, and external consultants.