Our principals’ business network includes various businesses, advisors, investment banks, law firms, appraisal firms, investors, fund managers, consulting firms, and accounting firms. We also have a strong network of overseas based professionals and business houses.

Our team of skilled and seasoned professionals offers complete guidance to clients as they seek a reliable joint venture partner after clear and in-depth understanding of their strengths and weaknesses. To develop an excellent synergy and understanding between the companies, we perform complete valuation of the entities. Holding adequate experience in financial, technical, and joint ventures, we help you find the right partner and prepare the right documentation. From strategy development and partner selection to deal structure and implementation – we can guide you through all phases of joint venture process. Our services are focused on mentoring and coaching you to build profitable business.

We have introduced a number of assets in the real estate (residential, commercial and retail), private equity, infrastructure, and agriculture sectors to our clients over the years.

We can:

  • Actively look for the assets on your behalf;
  • Introduce you to a range of businesses of your interest;
  • Organise project marketing for your projects in Australia or overseas;
  • Help you with collaborating with the business of your preference in or out of your industry segment;
  • Help you with teaming up or joint ventures with other parties;
  • Help you with due diligence or negotiations; and
  • Assist you with cross border transactions to find business or conduct due diligence.