When it comes to tax filing, there are certain rules that have to followed. Moreover, the process itself is time consuming and daunting.

At Proactive CFOs, we take away the hassles of tax filing from our clients. In association with our sister company, we can take care of all your accounting, reporting and compliance obligations and ensure that all your filing and reporting requirements are met in Australia. Our team of qualified tax professionals utilise their experience and expertise to deliver seamless service to address the challenges pertaining to planning, accounting, and tax compliance.

We understand that every case of tax filing is unique. Whether you are a Director of a multi-national group, a public benefit organisation, or an employee, we will comprehend your tax filing needs and deliver customisable service to meet your requirements.

We can review your transactions from tax compliance perspective and recommend the optional solution for your business.

Our services include but not limited to:

  • Providing end to end processing and reporting of the financial transactions;
  • Provide taxation advice on the transactions;
  • Preparing the financial statements in accordance with the reporting standards;
  • Preparing and lodging the GST and Income Tax returns for your business;
  • Preparing and lodging all the relevant submissions to ASIC, RBA, OSR or any regulatory bodies;
  • Reviewing your accounting systems or recommending and implementing the new reporting systems
  • Maintaining all the accounting and all the relevant records for your business; and
  • Liaising with the auditors or external service providers.