The challenges of managing a growing business or a start-up are extraordinary. From managing business’s finances, corporate governance, and compliances to addressing strategic requirements – there are a lot of important tasks that have to be taken care of. Furthermore, every business owner requires a source for professional, strategic advice and support to fulfill his financial and technical accounting needs.

We offer a Chief Financial Officer service via a contractual arrangement, which can be full time, part-time or on an online basis or even working alongside your existing CFO. Our aim is to deliver high impact shared CFO services to businesses while creating a vibrant as well as value driven finance function by utilising complete tools, domain knowledge, and rich network.

We have advised a number of clients over the years and worked on various projects to improve the financial performance of the business. Our services are not just advisory consulting services, but we operate as your reliable CFO with hands on approach while implementing and delivering engagement. Our services may include maintaining accounting records, implementation of systems, reporting function, payroll and superannuation compliance and taxation compliance.

We can assist the Chief Executive of the organisation to implement various business strategies and to substantially improve the bottom line of the organisation. We can act as your sounding board.

We can:

  • Undertake strategic analysis and business planning for your business;
  • Undertake gap analysis between your target and the actual performance and suggest strategies to improve your business performance;
  • Rationalize or implement management reporting systems in line with your business strategy;
  • Help you with financial modeling for your business;
  • Prepare business presentations for your stakeholders;
  • Review the performance of various marketing initiatives;
  • Perform analysis and comparison for various projects based on the rate of return or on IRR basis;
  • Prepare budgets and forecasts for your business;
  • Help you to achieve efficiency in your operations;
  • Set and monitor key performance indicators;
  • Manage monthly management meetings to review the business performance and suggest corrective actions;
  • Help you to set your business structure;
  • Help you to prepare a cash flow management plan;
  • Manage the implementation of financial systems;
  • Work with you on product pricing, optimising inventory, debtors, and the production of a business cycle plan to optimise business performance; and
  • Provide business benchmarking and business intelligence solutions.