As your CFO, we can transform your business!

A Chief Financial Officer plays a crucial part in the successful management of the business. Whether it is day to day operational matter or a strategic business decision, a CFO with his in-depth knowledge and skills could make a huge difference to the outcome.

We work with a range of clients to offer our CFO services. You can engage us on contract basis, virtual or part-time basis.

One thing you could be assured of is the quality and commitment to produce results for you and our pricing is highly competitive.

Our key services are:

1. End to end accounting services: We can take care of all your book-keeping, record keeping, payroll, accounting and reporting requirements. We could also function to oversee the preparation of the financial statements or management reports.

2. Taxation: With the assistance of our group entity, we could prepare and lodge the business activity statements, income tax returns or any regulatory returns.

3. Review of the business plan to improve return on equity: With our business and commercial experience, we can prepare or review your business plan in accordance with the changing market with an objective to improve return on your investment.

4. Management reports: Well prepared management reports could add huge value to your enterprise. We can prepare or help you with the preparation of the management reports and also discuss with you on a monthly basis.

5. Key performance indicators: Firstly setting the right KPIs and monitoring the KPIs will set your business on a good path.

6. System implementation: We can get your systems implemented within the right budget and the time frame.

7. Debt or funding requirements: We can help to ascertain the right mix of debt or equity to generate good returns for you. We can work with your bankers and funding providers.

8. Exit planning: Making an exit from the business or adjusting the ownership structures have never been easy. With our expertise, we not only make more profitable for you but also assist with the smoother transition.

9. ASX listing: ASX listing requirements are detailed and complex. We offer expert advice and help meet these obligations.

10. Risk assessment: We work with you assess various risks posed to your business and come up with mitigation strategies.

Type of clients and the systems

Our team is capable to work with clients of all sizes and sectors. Whether you are a business in start-up stage or a listed organisation, we can help you to achieve your goals. We also work closely with Not for profit organisations.

Whether you are a company based in Australia or overseas, we have the systems, skills and the capability to look after your requirements.

Please contact us now at +61-2-8064 1112 or send us an email at or visiting our website:

Thank you

Feb 29 2016