Do you wish to add significant value for your business with our directors services?

In this videos, I will explain our nominee or resident director services. You may engage us to provide independent director services.

Every proprietary company must have at least 1 director and that director must ordinarily reside in Australia. A public company must have at least 3 directors. At least 2 of them must ordinarily reside in Australia.

At Proactive CFOs and Business Advisors, we have the resources to represent a company as a director. It can purely be as a nominee director for legal purposes. We could also actively represent a company for both operational as well as legal matters. We provide representative office services to our clients. You may use our office for address or mailing purposes. Our office can also be used for your meetings.

Our services are of highest quality and the prices are competitive.

For the independent director services, with a highly experienced team, you may engage us as independent director on your company’s board.

Our team has worked in a number of industries at executive level. The key benefits of hiring our highly credential team as independent director are:

Adding strategic insight to the business
Review of risk management practices
Financial management and control
Help in raising capital
Bringing independence to the board

You can engage us on contract basis, virtual basis or part-time basis.

Please contact us now at 02-8064 1112 or send us an email at or visiting our website:

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Feb 29 2016