We have every solution to help you finance your business by debt or equity!

Whether you a small business owner, a property developer, expanding business or even a listed organisation, you may need capital for your business. Capital could be in the form of debt, equity or combination of debt and equity.

We have the right sources, contacts and deals where we can help you to get the right funding solution for your circumstances.

We work with traditional banks, private lenders, private investors, investment banks and non-traditional sources of finance providers. We will utilise our contacts and our number of years of working in the banking sector to get you the best deals. Our panel of lenders include both on-shore and off-shore finance providers.

Our expertise is to work out the optimal capitalisation model for your business to achieve the best returns for the stakeholders.

The management of the debt covenants and reporting of these covenants can be tricky. We will take care of it.

It is important for your business to work out a balanced hedging policy to avoid undue exposure for your business. Similarly, working out the balanced hedging for your portfolio is best to leave it to the experts. You could gain from our experience in this area to help you manage your interest rate risk or currency risk hedging.

We can help you raise equity by introducing you to the right investors. We can prepare information memorandums, prospectuses, road shows and link you to the right channels for the equity capital raising.

We are keen to discuss your requirements and help you find the funding you need for your business.

Please contact us now at 02-8064 1112 or send us an email at info@proactivecfos.com.au or or visiting our website:


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Feb 29 2016